About two weeks ago I announced the start of my new business, Eradity. To start a new business was not a simple decision and it took me a few months to make up my mind. In the end, I realized I was too excited about this opportunity to let it pass. After the announcement, I’ve been overwhelmed by positive feedback, and I’ve been super busy this last week just trying to respond to everyone. It feels truly great that so many of you believe in me and my idea. 

Digitalization and virtualization are on the agenda in most companies these days, and many companies aspire to fulfill the Industry 4.0 vision. Today's competitive landscape requires organizations to rethink the way they develop new products. Innovation and sustainability are important for future success, as are reducing costs and time to market. These challenges require companies to go beyond the traditional methods and consider new computer-aided development workflows. Virtual engineering workflows often aim at building a virtual prototype of the product, a digital twin of the real process, that can help achieve innovation-, cost- and time goals. 

Although most companies are aware that they need to look into virtual engineering methods, very few have an idea of how to approach the subject. Even fewer have started. In organizations, awareness of available methods and what is possible is often poor. It is also hard to find external resources that can support the transition. Management decisions are often supported directly by tool vendors. As a result, the needs are adapted to fit the tools capabilities rather than the other way around. 

The idea behind Eradity is to support companies transition to virtual engineering. With consulting, training and lectures we are a strong partner for engineering and IT departments. Eradity can help to define best practices and processes, and support in tool selections. As an independent business, we can focus on the applications that matter the most to our customers. Together we will build a powerful virtual engineering process ready for tomorrow.

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