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Meet the digital twin

Ever heard of the digital twin? It offers endless possibilities and can help you improve the way you design, produce, deliver and utilize your product. It can help you discover new business models and bring benefits beyond expectations! While being on everyone's lips, few know how to approach the subject. We can help!

Explore, Design & Innovate

We help our customers to Explore concepts, Design processes and Innovate products. Our mission is to support companies in the transition to digital twin based product lifecycles. This Twin Lifecycle includes solutions for product development, manufacturing, supply chain, and for the product during utilization. We work alone, and in collaboration with selected partners to bring you the best solution possible!

Why Eradity?

  • Explore the digital twin concept
  • Discover new business models
  • Develop strategies
  • Define best practices
  • Find innovative tools & solutions
  • Innovate your product

Check out our workshops here, or contact us to learn more about how we can support your business!

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What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a digital representation of a physical product or process. The idea behind the term is to let a real object exchange data with a virtual counterpart. By doing so, analysis can be made on the virtual entity, enabling predictivity and proactive decisions.


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Performance & Efficiency

System simulation allows you to simulate the system behavior and helps you improve its performance!

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Control design & Automation

Virtual commissioning helps you develop reliable and optimized PLC code!

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Predictive maintenance

Equipment failure is a big deal! Thanks to modern predictive maintenance techniques you can avoid downtime!

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Smart supply chain

Smart supply chain solutions provide valuable insights about your supply chain and help you make better decisions!


Make Smarter Decisions With A Digital Supply Chain

LOP.ai, by bluecrux, is a leading Digital Supply Chain platform based on big data and smart parameters.

The solution helps you reduce lead times, optimize financials, and improves demand forecasting. It'll save you both time and money!

Our Workshops

The Digital Twin Lifecycle

The Twin Lifecycle

Discover the Digital Twin Lifecycle


Going Virtual

Going Virtual

Delve into Virtual Engineering


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