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Moving the boundaries of what is possible

We want our customers to become Digital Winners. We want them to adopt digital technology and want to see them turn the technology into value. We have years of experience in simulation and optimization, and will help them on that journey.

We help them explore the concepts and build awareness of technologies and possibilities through workshops. We help them design new processes and identify opportunities for the future. And we help them innovate their products and solve challenges through simulation and artificial intelligence. Ready to become a Digital Winner? Here are some of the things we can help you with:

Discover the Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is a key concept in digital transformation and is central to what we do and offer. A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical product or process, derived from simulation or data-based methods. It can help you uncover new business models, speed up innovation, and reduce costs and lead times.

At Eradity, we see it as our mission to support companies in the transition to digital twin-based product lifecycles. This Digital Twin Lifecycle includes solutions for product development, manufacturing, the supply chain, and for the product during utilization. By focusing not only on the technology used, but also on business value, work processes, and synergies between different applications, we'll help you move the boundaries of what is possible.

Digital Twin Process Overview
Overview of the Digital Twin Process

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Why work with Eradity?

  • Learn about Digital Twins
  • Get going with System Simulation
  • Optimize products and processes
  • Discover new business models
  • Find innovative tools and solutions
  • Solve engineering challenges
  • Innovate your product

Training in Modelica and FMI

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Our Modelica Introduction Course gives you a comprehensive introduction to Modelica and FMI in just two days.

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What would you like to do next?

Eradity Digital Twin Workshop

Learn more about Digital Twins and their applications

Digital twins can help you improve the way you develop, manufacture, deliver, and utilize products. Learn more about the concept and its business value at this workshop.

Eradity System Simulation

Get up to speed with System Simulation and Modelica

Dynamic system simulation allows you to simulate and optimize a system behavior. We can help you take your system simulation initiatives to the next level.

Eradity Digital Supply Chain

Make smarter decisions with a Digital Supply Chain

A digital supply chain provides insights so that you can make smarter supply chain decisions! We offer a wide range of services to help you realize the Digital Supply Chain.