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System simulation is a valuable tool in design, verification, and validation. We have extensive experience in simulation and can help you take your system simulation initiatives to the next level:

  1. Seminars about system simulation
  2. Design of processes and workflows
  3. Selection of tools and solutions
  4. Modelica and FMI training
  5. Engineering services and modeling support

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Why System Simulation?

Sustainability and productivity goals create a need for businesses to renew their way of working in development and manufacturing. To increase productivity, companies must adopt a more agile way of working. And lower costs, both concerning time and money. They also need to deal with the increasing complexity of systems and break data silos. To meet the sustainability goals, they need to optimize the performance and efficiency of products and processes. And improve the quality to reduce the need for maintenance.

To meet these challenges, we need to pose new requirements on the tools we use. System simulation goes hand in glove with these requirements. It's the perfect match to support the design, optimization, and operation of products.

The method allows you to test new concepts and improve existing designs. It helps you reduce the need for physical testing of processes and PLC code through virtual commissioning. It simulates fast and is easy to deploy. System simulation will help you reach your sustainability and productivity goals in no time.

How Does It Work?

System simulation allows you to rapidly model complex mechatronic systems, perform parameter studies, and simulate "What if"-scenarios. One of the most common technologies used to achieve this is Modelica. Modelica is an open, equation-based, modeling language supported by a large variety of tools, both open-source and commercial. Its multi-domain capabilities make it possible to capture the dynamic behavior of any physical domain, including Fluid dynamics, mechanics, electrical, thermal, etc.

Graphical view of a simple heating system in Modelica
Graphical view of a simple heating system in Modelica

The open nature of Modelica offers great flexibility and scalability where the same models can be employed for multiple purposes. Models are represented both graphically and in code and are easy to adapt to fit specific needs. Deployment of models is straightforward using the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI).

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Bottle automation process

What is System Simulation?

System simulation allows you to realistically mimic the behavior of a product or process, making it a valuable tool in any design, verification, and validation workflow. System simulation is vital for a wide range of applications across all industries.

Graphical view of a rolling wheelset model in Modelica
Graphical view of a rolling wheelset model in Modelica

Bring your napkin sketches to life

Learn about Modelica in our Modelica Series

Five chapters of our Modelica Series are out now. The first tutorial gives you an introduction to Modelica.

Check it out to learn more about how to use and simulate models from the Modelica Standard Library.

Training in Modelica and FMI

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Our Modelica Introduction Course gives you a comprehensive introduction to Modelica and FMI in just two days.

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