Modelica Introduction Course

Learn about systems modeling and simulation using Modelica

Modelica is one of the leading technologies for systems modeling and simulation. Our Modelica Introduction Course gives you a comprehensive introduction to Modelica in just two days. You'll learn what Modelica is and how to use it for different applications.

Course Agenda

Our standard Modelica training is a two-day instructor-led course, where lectures with engaging examples are mixed with hands-on exercises. Our trainings are always customized to fit your specific needs and are available online or on-site, depending on your preferences.

The course includes:

  1. Introduction to Modelica
  2. Modeling using the Modelica Standard Library
  3. Writing equations in Modelica
  4. Component modeling
  5. Creating reusable code
  6. Applications of Modelica
  7. Deployment and FMI
Pendulum model from the Modelica Standard Library
Pendulum model from the Modelica Standard Library


2 days (on-site) or 2-4 sessions (online)

Post-Training Support

The Modelica training can be ordered with or without post-training support. Our post-training support agreement is a flexible bundle of pre-paid and discounted support hours that can be spent within six months of the training.

The support hours allow you to have follow-up sessions with the instructor, ask questions, and get hands-on modeling support.


Contact us for more information about availability and pricing!

Pressure in fluid system

What is Modelica?

Modelica is an open, equation-based, modeling language supported by a large variety of tools, both open-source and commercial. Its multi-domain capabilities make it possible to capture the dynamic behavior of any physical domain, including Fluid dynamics, mechanics, electrical, thermal, etc. Deployment of models is straightforward using the Functional Mock-Up Interface (FMI).

Graphical view of a rolling wheelset model in Modelica
Graphical view of a rolling wheelset model in Modelica

Bring your napkin sketches to life

Learn about Modelica in our Modelica Series

Five chapters of our Modelica Series are out now. The first tutorial gives you an introduction to Modelica.

Check it out to learn more about how to use and simulate models from the Modelica Standard Library.

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