The Digital Supply Chain

Digital transformation is finally happening to the supply chain. Advances in cloud computing, data analytics, simulation, and artificial intelligence (AI) are key enablers for this. Utilizing these methods makes it possible to break data silos and learn from data patterns. This gives you valuable insights about your supply chain and helps you make better decisions!

The Digital Supply Chain Twin

The Digital Supply Chain Twin is at the very heart of the Digital Supply Chain. It mimics the physical supply network and predicts its dynamic behavior. Representing the network as a Digital Twin gives a large number of benefits in network design, optimization, and operation.

  1. Visibility of network variables and detection of anomalies
  2. System simulation to determine the best routing and allocation of warehouses and plants
  3. Optimization of network parameters such as lead time, financials, and carbon footprint

Benefit From Our Experience

Eradity offers a wide range of services to help you realize the Digital Supply Chain. We can help you explore the concepts, pains, and business values; design processes; and innovate your supply chain through simulation and artificial intelligence. We'll help you identify real business value and realize changes that truly matter.

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Optimize the supply chain

What is Supply Chain 4.0?

The digital transformation of the supply chain is often referred to as Supply Chain 4.0. The goal of Supply Chain 4.0 a connected, digitalized and fully automated supply chain. The Digital Supply Chain is a central part of this vision.

Make Smarter Decisions With A Digital Supply Chain, by bluecrux, is a leading Digital Supply Chain platform based on big data and smart parameters.

The solution helps you reduce lead times, optimize financials, and improves demand forecasting. It'll save you both time and money!

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