Make your supply chain resilient with LOP.ai

LOP.ai, by bluecrux, is a leading Digital Supply Chain platform with augmented capabilities. It helps you reduce lead times, optimize financials, and improves demand forecasting. Thanks to big data, smart parameters, and its unique virtual twin approach, it'll save you both time and money.

Welcome to LOP.ai and the Digital Supply Chain!

Virtual Twin

Virtual Twin

Get your supply chain model right and make it dynamic, by mirroring your physical supply chain network in a virtual twin. LOP.ai connects with your transactional data, crawls through it, and automatically builds up your multi-level end-to-end network. Remove data silos and start to discover your business from multiple angles.

E2E Visibility

End-to-End Visibility

Monitor millions of events every single day and relate them to the virtual twin. Get visibility across the entire network into the most critical business matters. Start working across different horizons and install alerts to proactively highlight unusual events.

Smart Parameters

Smart Parameters

Tap into your key supply chain parameters at any time. The smart algorithms will learn from internal and external data and discover influencing factors to plot the forward-looking behavior. Let LOP.ai help you make better decisions.

E2E Financials

End-to-End Financials

Overlay your virtual twin with your financials and gett bottom-line results by financially optimizing your end-to-end value chain. Walkthrough different proposals for the most profitable product mix, sourcing allocations, flows, and customers/regions. Activate the "what-if" scenario management to make sure that you are making the best tactical and strategic business decisions.

Control Tower

Control Tower

Create your personal situation room to have your most valuable views close by. Receive proactive notifications when new opportunities are discovered or when something requires your immediate attention. Collaborate with colleagues and share your insights.


LOP.ai is based on years of experience of traditional supply chain planning in combination with new emerging technologies, such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

The result is a new way of working. With LOP.ai you can focus your energy on value-creating activities, rather than on just keeping the lights on!

LOP.ai is the product of bluecrux, a leading provider of the digital supply chain. We're partnering with bluecrux and can offer the solution to our customers in the Nordics.

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