The great Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci, is said to have spent a considerable amount of time making observations when inventing. Lacking a formal education in science these observations were essential to developing the understanding and experience he required to fulfill his ideas. Here's what we can learn from the innovation process of a 500-year-old genius!

Ever heard of the digital twin? I have, everywhere. It’s discussed in technical magazines and newspapers. On blogs and company websites. In meetings and by the coffee machine. It’s often mentioned in the context of innovation, Internet-of-Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence, but everyone seems to have their own opinion of what it means. What is this mysterious concept all about?

New technology presents new opportunities to businesses worldwide. Aiming at catching some of these opportunities, many companies are currently going through digital business transformations. Can digital solutions help us become more innovative? Become more efficient? Cut costs? Digital transformation has many faces, each with tremendous business potential. 

Digital transformation of the development process is important to ensure the future success of a company. We need to have a clear strategy and vision to succeed in this transition. It is time to revisit the virtual engineering process. What are we aiming for?

We’re on a virtual engineering transformation journey - on a quest for the Digital Twin! To reach our ultimate goal we must understand the technical requirements and challenges. Understanding the transitional challenges of the change process are as important. To reach the new development process we need to have a clear strategy. We need attention from top management and an organization that is fit to drive and support the change initiative. We’re ready to start! Now we just need to get everyone on board…

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